There is no such area as ‘traditional CCTV’ that exists in the market arena today, and each solution is usually considered ‘bespoke’ in some way or other. Many design considerations are taken into account in order to select the correct type of equipment, for the right operational environment and for your own budget.

We commonly propose CCTV solutions to meet vastly differing requirements. Remote monitoring packages for instance, present many savings and benefits than static guarding solutions. Hybrid IP packages can allow organisations such as Schools and Colleges to re-use their existing analogue CCTV infrastructures and experience the quality and installation savings of IP CCTV too. Analogue systems using high quality digital recording may be proposed for some retail applications, whilst industrial long-range wireless IP CCTV is proposed for town centre rapid deployment requirements.

Industrial vision systems aid the operation and maintenance of automated manufacturing processes. The list really is endless.

The purchase and loan of covert systems is available, with installation undertaken out of hours where required. On these occasions, to maintain confidentiality, our staff travel with unmarked vehicles, plain clothes and pre-agreed conditions with the client.

We work with the cream of branded manufacturers products to ensure that the very best in quality and cost effectiveness are achieved. High price does not necessarily mean higher quality, it can just as easily point to a company with poorly managed overhead. We have listed some of our partners on our website.


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